Mutant Mudds Deluxe Gold

Mutant Mudds Deluxe Gold Box.png



Assemble the Player Pieces by folding them inward and interlocking. (first time only)

Each character has two Player Pieces. One for the board and one for the point tracker.

(HINT: Make sure to look at Step No. 2 carefully, and fold them inward before interlocking!)








Fold in tabs to form an “X” inside the player piece, match up the slits and push together to join, and pull down tabs to lock them in place. 

MM D Player Piece.gif


Assemble the main board from the Board Design by using the numbers printed on the corners of the Board Cards.

Feeling creative? You can make your own Board Designs! Be sure to tag us (@PlayGameDecks) on Twitter to show it off! 



Assemble the Point Tracker by arranging the (5) Point Tracker Cards in numerical order.

Point Tracker.png


Keep the Key Card handy for a quick guide on some of the basic rules.

You can also use scissors to cut the marked grooves out and place the 4”x3” Key Card into the X-Divider’s grooves so it is easily viewable by all players.



Have players choose which character they’d like to be and distribute the corresponding Character Card and Player Pieces to each player to keep in their supply.

These are used for Mini Games, and more!



Set aside the (3) Platform Mini Game Cards and the (12) Ghost Mudd Mini Game Cards. Assemble the (3) CGA-LAND Gauntlet Cards next to the main board for easy access.

Mini Games and Gauntlet.png


Place one of each players’ Player Pieces on the START Board Card to set their position on the board. Then place each player’s second Player Piece on the 1 Space on the Point Tracker to keep track of players’ points. All players start with 1 point!

Artboard 19.png
Point Tracker.png


Shuffle the Golden Dice Token Cards and distribute one to every player face down. If there are any left over, place them face down in a stack next to the Challenge Cards.

Players can opt to use their Golden Dice Token Card at anytime instead of a normal dice roll. Use strategically! Because once used, you must discard back to the Golden Dice Token Card stack. Land on a Golden Dice Chest to get another one, or trade the one you have with a new one!

Golden Dice.png


Players must collect Water Sprites by purchasing them with points they earn during gameplay. The player with the most Water Sprites at the end wins!



1. Decide how many turns to play - 20 to 30 recommended. Player 1 starts every new turn. (Players can track the turns with paper and pencil)

2. Decide who goes first via Rock Paper Scissors tournament or Highest Dice Roll. 

Player order is clockwise when being played in the Northern Hemisphere.


3. Highest dice winner rolls the dice again to decide where the first Water Sprite Token should be placed on the specially numbered 1-6 spawn spaces. Only one Water Sprite Token is in play at a time.

4. Once the Water Sprite Token is placed, Player 1 can start the game by beginning their 1st turn by rolling the dice and moving their Player Piece along the board, interacting with whatever space they land on.


The game ends in either of 2 ways:

1. A player collects 3 Water Sprites

2. After the last turn ends, the player with the most Water Sprites is the winner. If there's a tie, the player with the most points wins. If there is still a tie, duke it out in a Mini Game!



START: All players start the game here.

Players can only travel in indicated arrow > direction.

WATER SPRITE LOCATIONS: These 1-6 numbers show where Water Sprite Tokens can be located.

POINTS: Earn points by landing on these spaces.Track how many points each player has collected via the Point Tracker.

MM D Point Tracker.gif

BLANK SPACE: This is a blank space. No interaction. Next player up!


MUTANT MUDDS: Defeat the Mudds to earn points on these spaces by rolling the minimum dice roll requirement. Be careful, some Mudds will steal a point from you if you lose!

MM D Enemy.gif

STAGE HAZARDS: Watch out! Players can lose points if they don’t roll the minimum dice roll requirement. Hammer Slammers automatically steal a point from you. Ouch!

MM D Hazard.gif

CLOUD GUST: Roll dice immediately and travel backwards as many spaces as number rolled. Player interacts with space they were blown backward to.

MM D Cloud Gust.gif

JUMP PAD: Immediately jump in the indicated direction and interact with the first space the player lands on.

MM DJump Pad.gif

WARP: Player has the option to pay 3 points to warp directly to the Water Sprite’s Token Card's space, or pay 3 points to reroll the Water Sprite’s location on the board.

MM D Warp.gif

POWER UPS: Player has the option to purchase the power up on the space for the indicated point cost.

GRANNIE'S ATTIC: Players can buy power ups here. Players can interact with this space when passing by, and don’t need to land on it. (Indicated by the [!] symbol) However, if a player buys a power up, their turn is over and they stay where they are.

MM D Grannies Attic.gif

MINI GAME: This space triggers a Mini Game. Players can choose from any Game Decks™ Mini Games they have! Mutant Mudds Deluxe comes with two different Mini Games.

MM D Mini Game.gif

CGA-LAND DOOR: These transport your Player Piece to the 1 SPACE on the CGA-Land Gauntlet! If the (3) Gauntlet Cards aren’t already assembled, line them up numerically to the side of the main board. When transported here, the player immediately attempts to make it to the end by rolling the dice and traveling without landing on spikes, and can also collect points along the way. If player lands on or passes the 11th space, they immediately warp to the Water Sprite Token Card! If they fall on to spikes, they lose 1 pt and must transport their Player Piece to the initial CGA-Land Door space on the Board.

MM D CGA-Land Gauntlet.gif

GOLDEN DICE CHEST: Draw or trade a Golden Dice Token Card! If a player doesn’t have a Golden Dice Token Card, they may draw one and add it to their supply. If they do already have a Golden Dice Token Card in their supply, they may draw a new one and replace their current one.

MM D Golden Dice.gif




Cost 8pts


These are the most important part of the game, for whoever has the most at the end wins!


One of these is placed on the map at a Water Sprite Location. Players must pass by or land on this token to have the option to purchase it for 8 points.


If a player buys a Water Sprite Token Card, their turn is over and they stay where they are. Player keeps Water Sprite Token Card in their supply. Player does not interact with space underneath the purchased Water Sprite Token Card.


Once a player collects a Water Sprite Token Card, a new one is placed on a different Water Sprite Location by the roll of a dice. If current location is rolled, roll again.


Cost 3pts 

Permanent upgrade to character. Get a +1 on every dice roll against every Enemy (Mudds) or Hazard.


Cost 1pt 

Single-use power up. Allows Player to Add/Subtract 1 on a dice roll while traveling. Can be used after dice is rolled. Can be used on a Cloud Gust roll. Once used, discard back to token pile.



Cost 1pt

Single-use power up. Allows Player to roll another dice during their turn to travel further. Can be used after first dice is rolled. Can’t be used on a Cloud Gust roll. Player only interacts with final position. Once used, discard back to token pile.



Artboard 9.png
Platform Mini Game.png



SETUP: Shuffle the (3) platform Mini Game cards and randomly draw two. Place them face up in the middle of the table, at least two cards distance away from each other. Set aside the remaining card.


GAMEPLAY: From at least a 12 inch distance, each player takes two turns tossing their Character Card to try and land on a platform card to win points! The thrown card needs to be touching a platform card to earn the point. Everyone can win points in this Mini Game, but beware, for if the spike card is placed, it can take a point away from the players who land on it. Yikes!

MM D Mini Game Play.gif
Artboard 10.png
Ghost Mudd Mini Game.png



SETUP: Shuffle all (12) cards. If playing with 2 players, deal each player 6 cards face down. If playing with 3, each player gets 4 cards. If playing with 4 players, each player gets 3 cards.


GAMEPLAY: At the count of 3, each player must flip their cards over and chain their own cards together by matching Ghost Mudds. (See above picture how Ghost Mudds can be chained)


First player to create a Ghost Mudd chain and say “I Win!” wins!

MM D Ghost Mini Game.gif


To officially win the game, the winner must topple every other Player Piece while making eye contact with opponents, declaring, “You lose. You lose.” then trumpeting “I WIN.” while pointing at their own heart.